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3 main points you need to know when buying an electric fireplace

Views:  Update Date: Jun 25,2019

buy electric fireplace

1. According to your personal requirment

    There are three main types of fireplaces: real fireplace, electric fireplace heater and decorative fireplace. Decorative fireplace simulates real fire and has no heating function. It is generally used for commercial space to set off atmosphere. Villa space is relatively small, depending on individual needs. Electric fireplace is suitable for various types of households with relatively low price but relatively poor heating effect and poor experience. 

    True fireplace is divided into gas fireplace and wood fireplace, which generally needs chimney or flue to discharge dust and smoke, and is suitable for single villa. At present, the owners of villas generally choose the real fire fireplace as the main one. First, the heating effect is more comfortable and natural. Second, the real wood fire can be used as the villa ornamental landscape, bringing vitality to the villa and highlighting the master's taste and style. 

2. Size and specification 

    Villa fireplaces use different environments, specifications and functions are also different. Generally speaking, the bedroom and living room are the occasions where fireplaces are used. The main function of the bedroom fireplace is heating. The smaller size of the villa fireplace can be selected. Taking Jinan's main rudder fireplace as an example, the size of the fireplace of 700*660*500(mm) can reach 30-90 square metres, which meets the heating needs of the villa bedroom. The main purpose of the fireplace used in the living room is the decoration style of the whole villa, highlighting the master's style and taste. In addition, the living room space of the villa is generally larger. Therefore, in the selection and purchase of fireplaces, larger fireplaces will be selected. At present, the domestic cast iron fireplace is 1.06M in size, which is designed for the villa space by the master. 

3. What type of fireplace do you prefer

    Villa fireplaces are mainly divided into several categories: embedded fireplaces, independent fireplaces, hanging fireplaces, and other customized fireplaces. Embedded fireplaces need to reserve smoke exhaust passages when designing villas. They are usually used with fireplace racks or decorative fireplaces. They are self-contained and elegant with villa decoration style. Independent fireplaces are not limited by decoration and do not destroy the existing decoration. They can be installed in any location and are suitable for the villas that have been decorated. Generally, villa users choose and buy more of these two kinds of fireplaces. Fireplace in our life is often seen as a way of heating, in the choice of time we need to take into account the effect of it, that is, Xiaobian today for you to introduce the effect of electric fireplace heating and fireplace selection skills to this end, want to learn more about the relevant information, please continue to pay attention to decoration home.

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