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How about the heating effect of electronic fireplace

Views:  Update Date: Jun 25,2019

heat surge electric fireplace

What are the characteristics of electronic fireplace

1. Ornamental effect. The ornamental effect of the electronic fireplace is very good. It has incomparable true flame, change and motion. This is incomparable with other heating methods, and it is the real romantic warmth.

2. Nature, balance and health. Electronic fireplace heating is the most natural heating mode, without electromagnetic radiation and other pollution, comfortable and healthy. The use of electronic fireplace is like introducing the sun into the living room, reaching the perfect state of gold, wood, water, fire and earth in the home life.

3. Economic, cost-effective. Electronic fireplace heating cost is relatively small, about one third of air conditioning heating. Although electronic fireplace is expensive when bought, it is cheap and suitable for long-term use.

4. Environmental protection. The electronic fireplace uses wood (charcoal) or natural gas as fuel. It is a renewable natural material. It does not need to be converted into electric energy. It has low cost, low loss, environmental protection and very little environmental pollution.

5. The conditions of use are not limited. The use of electronic fireplace is unrestricted. When the temperature is low in winter or power failure, the electronic fireplace is not affected by any environment and can be used normally in various environments.

Disadvantage of electric wall hanging furnace

The power supply of an electric wall hanging furnace in a small area may not be much different from that of a gas wall hanging furnace, but if the power consumption in a large area, the cost of electric wall hanging furnace is higher than that of a gas wall hanging furnace.

Editor's summary: The above is about the heating effect of the electronic fireplace, I do not know if it is helpful to you all! In short, the electronic fireplace has both advantages and disadvantages, so we should carefully consider when choosing it.

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