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How To: Building the best electric fire suites?

Your best electric fireplace insert can function better when it has a surrounding that keeps it protected from the elements. It will last you longer and serve you better when it does not get any water or moisture. When you know how to build an electric log burner and surround, you will be able to improve the look of your home. Your living space will also be more appealing, with the room’s main focal point being the best electric stove fire fireplace.


Many best realistic electric fire suites have a mantel that sits over the top and fireplace mantels are less common. However, you can improve the appearance of your living room by adding a fire surround with electric fire. It is an excellent way of trying out your DIY skills and will bring an added market value to your house. Home depot and fireplace makeover equipment outlets have stocked prefabricated electric fire and surround the range for your use, while others will build them for you. However, building on your own or with the help of one other person is still a viable option that is not only cost-effective but will prove profitable and affordable in the long run.


Typically, an electric fireplace with stone surround consists of columns attached to either side of the mantle and are available in different styles and sizes. You will need to know the depth of the best electric fire suites uk or the firebox in addition to the width of the façade. These measurements are important for determining the dimensions of the electric stove and surround for the remodel.


A fire surround and electric fire is made up of several components. First are the two columns followed by a header, which is also known as a breastplate and a mantel. All this is usually capped by a crown molding used to enhance the look of the surrounding.


One of the easiest and least expensive approaches to building a surround is to use MDF as the main building material. You can use this to create the different columns required for the various sections of the surround. These columns can be simply hollow boxes that can be assembled using glue, nails, screws, and Kreg jig. Apply a half-inch paint grade hardwood or soft wood trim to get the frame and panel look.


Depending on the depth of the surrounding, use a box for the header and build this from several layers of MDF (medium-density fiberboard). This is but a brief overview of the approach you can take to build the surround for your fireplace with cheaply available materials and a bit of creativity. However, let us identify the main materials that you can use for the undertaking before we can look at different styles and construction approaches for the electric fireplace-surround.


The 5 Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces in 2022

The Most Realistic Electric Fireplace

In 2022, we want all the modern features available with all the same comforts of a robust, crackling fire. Everything from LED lighting, hologram images, and videos of actual wood-burning fires are used in today’s most realistic electric fireplaces 2022. These realistic features create an effortless ambience. Create a cozy cabin feel with the sound of crackling wood, drifting smoke, and glowing embers, without the danger of live fire. At FireplaceCrafts.com, we seek the very best in technology for most realistic electric fireplaces insert 2022 for your home and business.


With all the amazing tech available, narrowing down the choices to find a fireplace that fits your lifestyle and needs, can be a massive chore. Instead of wading through hundreds of electric fireplaces on the internet , we’ve curated this list of the very best, so you can spend more time on what matters to you.


Before buying an electric fireplace, there are factors to consider, like your budget, your heating needs, and if you’ll be willing to replace the fireplace in a year or two. Of course you don’t want to replace it so soon! That’s why each fireplace in our collection has been vetted for durability, quality, and heating technology. The same can’t always be said for our competitors, like homebase electric fires , electric fire and surround argos, dimplex electric fire and surround.


These five special models demonstrate just a handful of the possibilities for realistic electric fireplaces. The criteria for this list includes flame simulation and sound. Scope out your favorite features from our list.


1) Portable electric fireplace heater portable



Get that log cabin look with this portable electric fireplace heaters. Compact, yet impactful, this stove heats up the room quickly with adjustable thermostat settings. During warm months, enjoy the flickering flames on their own. Seven colors settings allow you to create mood lighting.




2) Corner electric fireplace heater



Transform your living room or covered porch with this stunning corner electric fireplaces clearance. The multicolored flames can be viewed from two sides, making it an art piece as well as a functioning best corner electric fireplaces. Control the flames with a touch of a button. Go with traditional colors of flames to keep it real or play up the fantasy with bright blues and violets. Fireglass can be added to the large corner electric fireplaces for more sparkle. Choose a media set that suits your unique aesthetic for a hyper realistic fire. This fireplace can heat up to 500 square feet, but the delicious flames can be enjoyed with or without heat.




3) Heat surge electric fireplace that heats 1000



The heat surge electric fireplace from FireplaceCrafts is another incredibly realistic electric fireplace. Three-dimensional logs glow with LED technology, but the best part is that they periodically sparkle and crack! With the heat surge electric fireplace remote control, you can enjoy not only the look


This detailed insert is perfect for an old brick fireplace, especially in a rental home. FireplaceCrafts gets all the tiny details right, from scorch marks to the large, random flames from the sculpted logs. Underneath, the embers glow charmingly. Rather than a mirror, this firebox is backed with frosted acrylic which looks softer and more realistic. Adjust the lighting and flame color to suit your mood. With a BTU rating of B118, this firebox will keep your home nice and toasty. This amish heat surge electric fireplace has all the details and features you’d want, without the worry of a real wood burning fireplace.


of a real fireplace but the sound of one, too, with the crackling sounds it gives off. The company’s patented LED flame technology is also used to create hyperreal electric flames. This is not only one of the most realistic electric fireplaces in 2018; it is one of the most realistic electric fireplaces of all time.




4) Best electric fireplace logs with mantel


Get the most out of your fireplace with this insert. This technologically advanced modern electric fireplace with mantel features ultrarealistic flames and 3-D LED logs for the perfect flame combination. The LED log spontaneously spark, with glowing embers and crackling sound via remote control create a full sensory experience. Keep your loved ones safe with the cool-touch glass and the direct-wire installation. The free standing electric fireplace with mantel is a heat-free virtual fireplace.




5) 3D Water Vapor Electric Fireplace



This tiny, but mighty water vapor fireplace insert creates realistic flame and smoke effect with water.


Crackling embers and smoke effect are controlled by remote. The three dimensional flames are so lifelike, so you will think they’re 100% real. To use, this water vapor fireplace with heater can be placed inside any existing fireplace. Fill the reservoir with water for up to 12 hours of crackling, sparking flames without worry. Note that this insert does not provide heat, making it ideal for warmer climates and for use around pets and children.




Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplace surround wood can be an essential part of any fireplace, whether it’s traditional open fireplaces, gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves.


Fireplace surround mantel help to make a fireplace into more a feature and a focal point for a home, as well as providing a shelf space above the fireplace to allow you to decorate it with personal items.


There are surrounds for our own open fireplaces and wood stoves, and through renovating our home we’ve also removed a surround when taking out an old gas fireplace.


What Are Fireplace Surrounds?

A best electric fire suits is the object that sticks out from the outer wall of a fireplace into the room and surrounds the fireplace opening. A electric fireplace with mantel is usually made up of the sides and mantel but may or may not include the base of the fireplace, known as the hearth.


b&q fire surrounds is usually thought of as the components that protrude from the wall of your home away from the fireplace firebox opening.


The mantel consists of the top part of the fireplace surround that is commonly found to be flat on top so that ornaments and other decorations can be placed. A mantel can also be commonly bought as a standalone component to create a ‘floating mantelpiece’ look.


The sides of a surround, also referred to as the legs, provide support for the mantel above and also helps create a barrier between the fireplace and the room.


The hearth is flat area at the base of a fireplace on which the fire is built and other objects can be placed such as a fireplace screen. A hearth sticks out into the room to provide protection for the floor against hot embers. Some fireplace surrounds will have a hearth as part of the unit.


What Does A Fireplace Surround Do?

The purpose of a best electric fire suites is to:

· Be a stylish and attractive component of a fireplace that helps to make a fireplace a focal point for a room.

· Provide a barrier between an open fireplace and the room so that fires can be more safely contained within the firebox and help keep hot embers away from any combustible materials within the room.

· Allow you to place household decorations above the fireplace on the mantel.

· Can help to keep smoke from coming into the room.

Does A Fireplace Need A Surround?

A fireplace does not always necessarily need a surround, but the requirements for a fireplace surround must be in line with local and national codes and building regulations.

A fireplace can also look very bare if there’s no surround.

The image below shows our kitchen fireplace when we removed the surround for renovation, and even when we had touched it up with some paint it wouldn’t have looked great without the surround being put back.

Are electric wall fires any good?

For most of us, we associate a warm, cosy home with a modern electric wall fires, gently crackling in the background as we spend quality time with our families, but many people are put off investing in a fire due to outdated assumptions about them. So let’s set the record straight because you might be surprised by just how much things have changed!


It’s not energy efficient of electric log burner and surround

While many believe that flush fitting electric wall fires are high energy consumers, this is a myth. Based on average electricity rates, the total cost to operate the flame and heater of a 2kW electric fire constantly for two hours costs little more than £2 on a standard tariff. And, because electric is 100% efficient, all of the inputted energy (and associated costs) is converted to heat and flame effect with no wastage.


It’s not realistic of fire surround with electric fire

Electric recessed wall fires have come a long way since their conception. Years of innovation and research pioneered by FireplaceCrafts have resulted in electric media wall fires that are incredibly realistic. Technologies like 3D water vapor steam offer flame experiences that are often mistaken for that of a traditional wood burning fireplace, but come with all the benefits and features that are only available with electric.


It doesn’t put out enough heat of electric log burner with surround

All of our electric hang on the wall fires produce a warm, gentle and even heat throughout your space, using virtually silent fan heaters. The amount of space that can be comfortably warmed depends on the output of your electric flat wall fires. However, an average fireplace with 1.5 kilowatts can heat approximately 150 sq. ft. or a 10’x15’ room. And due to the fact it is electric, there is no need for an open chimney, so zero heat is going to be lost out of a vent or chimney, so again it's more efficient as all the heat is directed into the room.


They are only good for use in winter of electric fires and surrounds packages

Generally, fireplaces cannot have flame without heat and vice versa, so it is understandable that there would be a common misconception that electric mounted wall fires are the same way.


However, with electric, the flames and heat can operate independently of one another. This means that you can enjoy the ambiance of your electric slimline wall fires year-round, without heating your home. And it costs just pennies to run the flame effect. This is an excellent feature for summer operation or if you live somewhere with a warm climate. Similarly, you can operate the heat without the flame, allowing you to stay warm without having the flame on at all times.


Electric fires have vastly improved thanks to the new, innovative technologies we are pioneering. See for yourself how convincing our flame effects are by visiting a local retailer to you.


What types of modern electric fire and surround are there?

Fireplace Craftsman have focus on Electric fireplace mantel & surround designs and product over 15 years and have designed over 1500 style mantels and covers all styles of the fireplace surround shelfs. For example the freestanding electric fireplace mantel, homebase fire surrounds, electric wall mounted fire and surround and so on.


Is your modern electric fireplaces and surrounds plenty warm and romantic, but lacks a certain something that could take it up a notch in the aesthetics arena. Perhaps a mantle is a way to punch up its look. Modern fire surrounds for electric fires are a easy way to take your electric fireplace from just a clever house addition to a completely realistic fireplace idea. Take a look and see what we mean.


The manufacturer of electric fire and surround sale

Electric fireplace is a new décor furniture for the modern home decorative style , so I think there are a lot of people have many questions about the electric fireplace. They just know that I should buy a electric fireplace for my space, but they dont know where should I buy and which color is the best suitable for my home? What functions should need? And which material should I buy? Today, lets talk about these.


About painting and colors of electric fireplace with stone surround

Our factory have the normal two colors are white electric fire and surround and Brown electric fire and surround. But we support the OEM & ODM service , so other colors you want, We also can made for you ,like the grey electric fire and surround. 


And the panting materiale used the Carpoly. Carpoly is a china painting company from china , and famous all over the world. Since 2011, Carpoly has won the "Global Top Paint Ranking" released by the American "Paints World" for the first time. Therefore, the safety and quality can be guaranteed to protect the health of customers.


About functions of electric stove and surround

For all the electric fireplace, We dont only focus on the effect flame , we also important for the fireplace function. We consider Electric fireplace shouldnt just have the decorative function , it also have the other function to content customer life.


So we research and development the remote control electric fire and surround, timer electric fire and surround, electric log effect fire and surround and water vapor fireplace. For the remote control function , you  can control the heating , the flame effect and other thing on your sofa, not just come near the electric fireplace anymore. And for the timing function , you can set up the hours when you want the fireplace to turn off by itself, so that dont worry because you forgrt to turn of the fireplace so that waste the electric power.


About material of fire surround and electric fire

For the electric fireplace insert , we use the cast iron electric fire and surround, but for the mantel , we use the oak solid wood. The cast iron electric fire and surround don’ worry about the insert will get rusty, because there is no water inside and use the cast iron with extend it life and is the best value for money. Also if you think the stainless steel or other mental material is better for you , please contact us and we will made for you.


About price of fire surround for electric stove

I know that people all want a beautiful and best value for money products. I think our factory is your best choice. We have cooperated with Direct Fireplace, Dimplex electric fire and surround, electric fire and surround b&q, electric fire and surround amazon, electric fire and surround ebay and so on. So we have a lot of experience for the famous brands and we have the advantage of quality. We will give the best price for you and the cheap electric fire and surround. But we promised we never sale the second hand electric fire and surround for you.


About Size of electric fire with surround and lights

We support OEM & ODM service. So we have provide the normal size for you , like the 1000mmn and the 1200mm and the 1800mm, but if you have your own size , please tell and we can do it for you, like the small electric fire and surround.


So are you ready for the next electric fire and surround?

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