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Front view of heat surge electric fireplace
Side view of heat surge electric fireplace1
Front view of heat surge electric fireplace 2
Side view of heat surge electric fireplace 3
Front view of heat surge electric fireplace
Side view of heat surge electric fireplace1
Front view of heat surge electric fireplace 2
Side view of heat surge electric fireplace 3

Heat surge electric fireplace that heats 1000

Model: A-801-81

We all know you would like heat and a lot of it. That's why Heat surge electric fireplace has curated their list of electrical hearth heaters that warm up to at least 1000 sq foot. Electric hearth inserts and electric hearth tv stands to locate a hearth that does not only looks nice but additionally will get the task done.

Price: $500~550    Reg. $510


Heat surge electric fireplace characteristic:

  • MDF
  • LCD screen fire effect; 
  • Heating and with a light inside;  
  • With fire burning sound
  • Assembly required
  • Fire flame adjustment.
  • Strong Tempered glass
  • CE,RoHs,ERP approvals.

Products Details

Heat surge electric fireplace that heats 1000,1500 sq ft detail description:

It's superbly sleek, versatile, and may even warm up your house. These are merely a couple of from the reasons the Heat surge electric fireplace that heats 1000,1500 sq ft is among the best purchases you may make at this time. Plus, it's surprisingly affordable, so it's not necessary to get into debt to obtain the beautiful electric hearth you crave!


This Heat surge electric fireplace with parts  manual reviews 1000 sqft is not hard to mount on any wall.The manufacturer claims you may also do it without assistance. What's unique relating to this beautiful modern electric hearth is that you could choose from faux logs or crystals for that interior (both of them are incorporated), based on which aesthetic you want. Further, the hearth has two heat settings, everywhere, that may warm an area as much as 400 square ft.


Reviewers describe the Best electric fireplace inserts logs sets with heater as stunning, mesmerizing, and realistic. Many state that you can easily install and adds an indisputable touch of class to your rooms. Plus, you can’t beat the reasonable cost with this high-quality product!

LCD screen electric fireplace Photo:

Warm your Winter by having an heat surge electric fireplace.

You will find multiple explanations why a heat surge electric fireplace should take part in every homestead.

1. Electric fireplace heater 1000 sq ft--No mess: No fuss

An heat surge electric fireplace provides you with the authentic feel of the real fire without getting to fool around with heavy wood, fiddly fire-starters, dirty ash, or smelly gas or smoke. It simulates very realistic-searching flames and coals through light globes that reflect or refract light inside a three-dimensional pattern. The sunshine infused pattern is forecasted onto a screen, therefore giving the allusion from the glow and movement of the wood burning fire.

Heat is generated via heating coils or perhaps an element along with a fan lightly moves heat from the hearth in to the room. All this heating and hearth display includes only the press of the mouse.

2. Electric fireplace logs no heat--Eco-friendly

Electric fireplaces are eco-friendly. They don't produce any toxic fumes like traditional wood burning or gas-powered fires. You don't have to bother with inhaling any smoke, which is ideal for allergy sufferers.

3. Electric fireplace that heats 1500 sq ft--Child Proof and Pet Friendly

For those who have kids or pets, getting a genuine fire could be a constant concern. Even though you make use of a fire or spark protection screen, you need to be conscious of the security issues. However with an electrical hearth, there aren't any real flames and also the coils or factors that create the heat are hidden by heat resistant material and also the fireplaces?ˉ screen is comparable to the tv screen, so there's no danger to be burnt or experiencing any discomfort.

Also, most electric heaters possess a thermostat or perhaps an automatic shut-off, so there's no danger of overheating.

A great safety tip is although the electric hearth has in-built security features, it's still suggested that you simply switch them back after use and don't let it rest on throughout the night.

4. Heat surge electric fireplace--To heat or otherwise to heat?

In addition to supplying heating for that winter several weeks, some electric fireplace that heats 1500 sq ft permit you to turn off the heating, to ensure that within the warmer seasons you can easily benefit from the flickering flames and glowing embers.

Hopefully, after you are inspired you to purchase your own magical electric hearth, before you need to do, take a look at the 5 variations that are offered.

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