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  • front view of cheap electric fireplace
    Cheap best free standing electric fireplace heater
        This inexpensive electric fireplace stove will bring style and warm to your room. Without cleaning up as wood fireplaces required. This free standing electric fireplace can be easily moved.  Trust me you and your friends will be surprised at the real looking of the fake flames.  However, electric fireplace is cheap, even a high-end electric fireplace are much cheaper than oil or gas ones. Most importantly they can produce 5000 btu of heat to a room which a oil and gas one can only give a little bit more. 


  • Main view tabletop electric fireplace
    Big lots fireplace inserts electric

    Our big lots fireplace inserts electric is a nice straightforward household appliance,made of mdf, like marble fireplace. It does not must many components, therefore the mechanics of the freestanding electric fireplace mantel aren't confusing. 

    The 2 primary points to consider are:

    * So how exactly does it produce heat?

    *So how exactly does it so carefully resemble actual, fire place flames?

    First, let us think about the heating aspect. Within the electric fireplace, you will find metal coils that warm up instantly once the appliance is connected to an electric socket. 

    Additionally towards the coils, additionally there is a fan within the electric fireplace. The fan, that is sometimes known as blower motor, pushes heat outward to your room. 

    Fortunately for the ears, the fan makes hardly any noise, therefore the burning fireplace is virtually silent [source: The Very Best Electric Fireplaces].


  • Side view of most realistic electric fireplace
    Most realistic electric fireplace insert 2019

    The most Realistic Electric Hearth with fire Effect:
        An most realistic electric fireplace have the best flame effects also be very energy efficiency, magic fires are safe to leave on over night, this best buy fireplace can give heating all through night and more environmental than other type of fireplaces.
        Although cost of realistic space heater is greater than other fireplace inserts, however the real searching hearth boasts super-realistic flame effects that other electric hearth cannot match. Client will guess that he possess a hardwood-burning hearth in the family room.


  • main view fireplace insert
    30 inch wall mount electric fireplace

    Structure and performance of an recessed wall mounted electric fireplace insert

    As a kind of household electric heating appliance, fireplace contemporary,recessed wall mounted electric fireplace insert has the characteristics of easy to clean, safety, reliability, convenient to install and easy to take off, high utilization rate of combustion. recessed wall mounted electric fireplace insert in contrast to wood-burning or gas-burning fireplaces, are free of soot, odors, and noise from burning fires.Electric fireplace can not only save heating cost, but also bring elegant viewing effect. It is safe and convenient to enjoy the warmth and comfort brought by recessed wall mounted electric fireplace insert. With the touch of the switch, the magical flame effect can be instantly displayed. Convenient installation and gorgeous flame fusion will bring you a beautiful mood for home decoration.


  • Side view of large electric fireplace 1
    Large full size electric fireplace insert

    Add this large electric fireplace to your mantel, to add warmth and inviting ambiance to your home. Providing supplemental zone heating for up to 40 square feet and showcasing stunning flame effects, this wall mount electric fireplace inset is sure to create a welcoming environment.

    The big electric fireplace is perfect for installation in any room of your home. Whether you are going through renovations or new entertainment center and  construction, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a corner fireplace that is quick and easy to install. You may hardwire the firebox to a 120V~250V electrical circuit or use the included plug kit for a convenient installation.

    Using the big electric fireplace can provide plenty of additional heat for spaces up to 40 square feet. Use the remote control to turn on the fireplace, set the desired temperature and adjust the heating settings.


  • electric fireplace with shelf
    Electric fireplace TV stand with shelf

        Best home electric fireplace TV stand with shelf was built with more than one function: TV stand, fireplace heater and an media console. This electric fireplace with shelf is an attractive and great supplement to your office or home. No doult this unit is particular because it doubles as an entertainment center of the family. Driven by electricity, there is no need to worry about making and tending a fire or cleaning ashes all the time. If environment is what you concerned, electric fireplace is the best altra furniture for your home, you can breath safely with the fake fireplace. 

    Key Features:

    With bookcases records shelf space

    Approximately heat a room 400sq. feet


  • electric fireplace tv stand lowes
    Electric fireplace tv stand lowes

        From all the space heater types that you can pick, the electric fireplace tv stand lowes is probably the one with the most style choices. Varieties of kinds such as insert electric fireplace, wall mount heater or freestanding fireplace or a portable electric stove that you choose.

        From the real flame log effect of the small heater, to the traditional appearance of the mantle, to the duraflame LED lighting effect of the heater, there should be a electric fireplace design that everyone can be satisfied.
        This indoor electric fireplace heater with TV stand is of a mantel style, simple and beautiful. The 1500W electric fireplace heaters can heat a space up to 400 sq. feet efficiently. A remote control is included to adjust settings including the thermostat and the flames. It is allowed to adjust only the flames and logs without the heat to make a nice ambiance in the days that its warm.

    Key features

    Features an very simple style mantel

    Can work all year with or without heating

    Can be placed beneath a wall-TV 


  • electric fireplace tv stand modern
    Electric fireplace tv stand modern

        The electric fireplace cabinets with storage is a tv stand fireplace mantel packages with media console. It's heater located at the bottom of the fireplace insert, can creates warmth for rooms up to 400 Sq. Ft. That makes you staying warm in your bedroom, living room or media room when you are relax watching your favorite tv program. The heater and flame effect functions are separate from each other so that you can enjoy the effects of calming flame all through the year without heating. Keep your home warm this winter and make a better look by adding this electric fireplace cabinets with storage to your home.

    Relating to this item

    Heat for approximately 400 square ft

    Hidden storage in door and media shelf


  • Front view of electric logs fireplace inserts 1
    Best electric fireplace inserts logs sets with heater

    The electric fireplace logs provides an attractive choice to replace existing wood or gas logs. This electric hearth option uses all Brought lights. 

    Price: $102.00     Reg. $510


    Electric logs for existing fireplace major Features: 

    • High carbon steel
    • Assembly required
    • Thermostatic temperature control;
    • Strong Tempered glass
    • CE,RoHs,ERP approvals.


  • front view of electric fireplace costco
    Chimney free electric fireplace tv stand costco

        Chimney free electric fireplace tv stand is one of our electric fireplaces with storage. This fireplace mantel packages with media console can provide a touch of elegance to create an attractive focal point to your room. Thanks to the uniqueholoflame technology, it brings you a MagikFlame effect which looks like a real flame. A remote control comes with it to adjust settings of fireplace heater and flames.Costco electric heater fireplace tv stand style are well universal are designed to match any interior decor.


  • Main view of Portable electric fireplace
    Portable electric fireplace heater portable

    This portable electric fireplace is designed to fit in a corner or against a flat wall.The firebox has realistic flickering flames and glowing embers with an interior brick design for a traditional look, the portable electric fireplace heater offers an affordable way to add style and warmth and style to your home.

    Price: $340.00~$390.00     Reg. $510


    Portable electric fireplace Features:

    • High carbon steel
    • Assembly required
    • Thermostatic temperature control;
    • Strong Tempered glass
    • CE,RoHs,ERP approvals.


  • front view of duraflame electric fireplace tv stand
    Duraflame electric fireplace logs heater tv stand

         Are you still considering which electric fireplace TV stand is best for you? Well, The duraflame electric fireplace logs heater tv standis a recommendation. This duraflame heater is insert in a tv stand. Not only beautiful and a fantastic supplement to your house, but also a cheap and enegy saving way to warm up your space.

         With its classic design, glossy oak finishing, this target duraflame have a great performance on where it placed. More over, it has a classic hand-carving floral design across its top. Although it's not an infrared quartz electric heater. It brings you a warmth and beautiful look for your living room. 


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