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electric fireplace tv stand modern
side view of electric fireplace cabinets
door of electric fireplace cabinets
electric fireplace tv stand modern
side view of electric fireplace cabinets
door of electric fireplace cabinets

Electric fireplace tv stand modern

Model: 350

    The electric fireplace cabinets with storage is a tv stand fireplace mantel packages with media console. It's heater located at the bottom of the fireplace insert, can creates warmth for rooms up to 400 Sq. Ft. That makes you staying warm in your bedroom, living room or media room when you are relax watching your favorite tv program. The heater and flame effect functions are separate from each other so that you can enjoy the effects of calming flame all through the year without heating. Keep your home warm this winter and make a better look by adding this electric fireplace cabinets with storage to your home.

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Heat for approximately 400 square ft

Hidden storage in door and media shelf

Products Details

electric fireplace tv stand modern  with media storage 

People like the electric fireplace tv stand modern  console because it's a muti functional furniture. They are intriguing furniture in themselves and can be served as the focus of a room.

The warm and comfortable atmosphere created by the electric fireplace is what most people are looking for. As well as providing video game components for organization and storage at the meantime. If you encounter space challenges, need some calories, and want something interesting, this media console cabinet is great.

Keep warm and comfortable in front of the electric fireplace TV console. Lifelike logs add a comfortable atmosphere to your room. Two doors open and you can see shelves for games and other media.

Turn your corner into a functional space with this TV cabinet with electric fireplace. The TV seat can be 60 inches wide, with a convenient cable management system built in to keep the wires neat. Just plug the TV socket into the power socket and enjoy its warm, radiant integrated fire on cold days.

Upgrade your home room or study with this white cabinete electric fireplace TV Station. Just plug the fireplace in the unit into the standard socket, and you can enjoy the warm and attractive electric stove in colder weather. The cabinet of fireplace TV stand provide storage space, while the central cable management system keeps the wires clean.

The insert log electric fireplace keeps warm and comfortable with the mantel piece. This is a rural, natural and perfect country or cabin home. The built-in heating device can heat 1000 square feet and has five different flame settings, so you can choose by yourself. All the good things in the countryside have shelves and a log drawer with your favorite movies and TV shows.

There are two glass display cabinets, a natural log drawer, the top opening for your DVD player or cable TV box, this simple wooden TV rack has enough storage for your living room necessities.

The features of the electric fireplace tv stand modern with storage cabinet include:

electric fireplace tv stand modern 

Adjustable flames

Temperature setting

Remote Control

Heating 1000 square feet

Combine a storage space together with an heating appliance 

Book shelf or media storage on the sides

Instead of mounting the flat TV screen on the wall, here we just put a TV screen directly on the top of the mantel . It can support a television over 100 lbs safely..

Choose simple pine, white and poplar, and your favorite colors. If you want, you can also choose to add an activity at the top of the edge.

electric fireplace tv stand modern  is safe to have a storage mantel

Among the advantages of electric fireplace tv stand modern  is the capability to be installed into cabinetry without having to worry about flammability from the materials. Electric fireplaces really are zero-clearance. Because of this, electric hearth manufacturers can design furnishings with clever storage round the electric hearth. 

Electric fireplaces with storage are perfect for condos and apartments, high never appears to become enough space for storage. Electric fireplaces with storage will also be perfect partners for TVs, particularly when the storage is made for electronic components.  

We have an entire type of electric fireplaces with storage, which are designed as media cabinets. However, this kind of cabinet is very common. We prefer to pay attention to individuals electric fireplaces with storage which are not only media cabinets.

electric fireplace cabinets with storage

electric fireplace tv stand modern 

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