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cherry wood electric fireplace
electric fireplace cherry wood
electric fireplace with mantel
cherry wood electric fireplace
electric fireplace cherry wood
electric fireplace with mantel

cherry wood electric fireplace tv stand

Model: fireplace tv stand

 cherry wood fireplace tv stand

1500watt when heater is fuctionning

Can heat a space 400 square feet

   From the style selections, dark cherry electric fireplace offers an elegant look to any space. If you're looking for a classic item to add to your room, this cherry wood electric fireplace is perfect. The pine finish is glazed and glossy. That makes it looks and feels good in any space. Across the top of the fireplace mantel is a gorgeous hand-carving floral design, absolutely a pleasant hearth. The firebox has magikflame and glowing embers make it a realistic looking.

    Cherry Electric Fireplace Fine cherry wood is a great investment for home furnishings. It can range in shade from a light brown to warm reddish chestnut to rich dark chocolate. The wood starts off a light shade of beige, but it naturally darkens with age and exposure to light.

    62" Grand Cherry Electric Fireplace Bring chic, sophistication into your home with this elegant and grand fireplace. Crafted with a traditional cherry finish with beautiful crown moulding and carved pilaster detailing, this gorgeous fireplace with faux marble materials will be the focal point of any room.

    Many electric fireplaces fit up against a wall, but you can also choose a corner electric fireplace to create a different aesthetic. Already have an existing fireplace? An electric fireplace insert is ideal for transforming wood-burning units into hassle-free firesides or replacing fireboxes in older electric fireplaces.

Cherry TV stands

Cherry TV stands with a built-in fireplace help you create a cozy atmosphere. Some TV stands feature a fireplace in the center so you can cuddle on the couch and watch the big game or your favorite movie while enjoying the warmth of a crackling fire.

Corner TV Stand 

 Westwood Cherry is a natural choice for your home theater. This TV stand is constructed of hardwood solids and birch veneers in a hand-applied Westwood Cherry finish. Blackened metal knob hardware lends rustic appeal. It accommodates up to a 62-inch flat screen TV and supports up to 260 pounds.

This electric fireplace entertainment center is designed for TVs up to 45; and up to 100lbs in weight. It will heat up to 400 square feet at 4,600 BTUs per hour. The fireplace has four flame level settings and the flame can also be turned off.

Products Details

Why choose electric fireplace tv stand

    The glossy and sleek finish of cherry wood electric fireplace tv stand, with a classic design. Create an elegant look to your room. Good cherry wood is a great home investment. Its color ranges from light brown to reddish chestnut to dark chocolate. Wood is light beige at first, but it grows dark as time pass and light shines. This straight and smooth wood has a very good finish, so it can be paint in different colors.
    Besides, cherry wood is a kind of wood with character. Furniture that made from this wood. Always have some rustic character and unique organic looking.
    Cherry fireplaces glow before you open them because the finish is bright and warm. The dark wood electric fireplace, as an energy-saving space heater. Adds this effect for any rooms in your home. Add some comfort to your bedroom, make your dining space more lively, or make your living room a warm place. An entertainment center unit can provide a safe place for your TV, DVD, audio system and game consoles. Which has a fashionable looking.

    These real wood electric models allow you to display your DVD, record or book on a bookshelf. But without the fear of causing a fire. 

    Once you have made up your mind to use cherry wood fireplace, you can choose from a wide range of styles. Whatever you choose, it will become an eternal part of your home decoration. They are much more convinient than traditional fires. NO need to install, you can plug them in any room. If you want to move, just unplug your wood electric fireplace and carry it with you. Because there is no real fire, and there is no smoke or ash leave behind.

What electric fireplace cherry wood brings to you?

   Thanks to today’s  new technology. Modern electric fireplace becomes an alternative to traditional fireplaces. It create a cozy ambiance to the house, even more than that. It's easy to install an cherry tv stand with fireplace in your room, no need to renovate your house. With an electric fireplace tv stand cherry wood. You don't have the hassle of hauling in wood, even the cleaning of ashes. You can enjoy a year-round flickering flames as well as heating if you like. The only thing you need to do is plug in the dark wood electric fireplace. Then you can lie in the bed or sofa with your favorite book.

Electric fireplace tv stand is Safe to use

    Modern wood electric fireplace use a glass screen to allow you to see fire flames through it. The magik flame is fake and screen is cool while the heating is function, making it safe to touch. It's easy to take off the glass from the electric fireplace, that makes it easy to clean while necessary. It shouldn't even need a technician to remove the glass screen.

tv stand with fireplace is easy to control

    It's easy to start a fire in the dark cherry wood electric fireplace than in a traditional fireplace. Time saving and energy saving is a growing demand these days. Technology makes it more convenient and safer to use an fireplace at home.
    Following by the development of controls and options of home automation. Modern fireplaces is becoming an growing common options for many people. A remote is available with the electric fireplace providing an easy way to control and shut off the fire. It's only 1500 W when fuctioning the heating part.

Cherry tv stand stores and brands

    You may want to buy an cherry wood electric fireplace tv stand in a shop. Here is a list of brands and biggest retailers of electric fireplace. You can find one near you and take a look.

Canadian tire is the biggest furniture retailer in Canada. American biggest retailer brands, including Home depot, Dimplex, Costco,Mernards and Big lots. If lucky, you can find them have good quality and cheap electric fireplace for sale. Good luck to you.

Cherry wood real flame electric fireplace tvstand Reviews

Realistic electric fireplace FAQ:

1. Is electric fireplace flame looks real? 

    You can have a mantel for electric fireplaces which looks like traditional fireplaces. With artificial logs glowing and led light flames flickering, it really looks realistic. Moreover, it can generate about 5000 BTU of heat. Best of all, the electric fireplace doesn't need any cleaning because there are no logs or ashes.

2. Is the real flame fireplace really safe?

    A real flame electric fireplace is much more safe than an real fire fireplace. 

3.What is a gel fireplace?

The real flame gel fuel fireplace allows you to enjoy a comfortable fire in a well ventilated room throughout the family without having to pay for installation. These bubble free fireplace uses only real flame gel fuel. This one. These are not gas or propane fireplaces. Gel fuels are smokeless and ash free.

4.What is the flame in the electric fireplace produced by?

The pleasant fires produced by electric stoves are enough to fool people into thinking they are real. This one. Light from a light bulb (usually an LED) is reflected back from a grill-style silver refractor with a three-dimensional pattern, creating the illusion of a randomly flashing flame.

5.What is the most realistic electric fireplace?

Five most realistic electric fireplaces:

Dimplex Opti-myst Pro 500-20 "Long Steam Tape".

Big brother of Dimplex Opti-myst Pro 1000 cassette tape-Opti-Myst Pro 500. This one.

Modern flame fusion fire - 76 "long built-in linear steam fireplace.

Dimplex Opti-myst Pro 1000-40 "Built-in steam burner

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