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front view of freestanding electric fireplace
side view of freestanding electric fireplace
Detail of freestanding electric fireplace
front view of freestanding electric fireplace
side view of freestanding electric fireplace
Detail of freestanding electric fireplace

Home decorators collection freestanding electric fireplace heater

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    One of the best from home decorators, it give your home the cozy ambience of a rustic lodge with this free standing electric heater oak color. White is an alternative choice if don't like this color. This stand alone electric fireplace is a perfect decorator for a living room or bed room. It's duraflame and classic mantel create a lively image of the room.

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Home decorators collection electric fireplaces

    It is true that fireplaces add a touch of class to any house. In the past, people used fireplaces to keep warm and cook food. Now, homeowners can decide to choose electric stoves over traditional stoves for home decoration. If you choose a free standing electronic fireplace. You will not only add elegance and style to your home. But also bring the heat you need to your room. There are different types of electric fireplaces to add to your home decorator collection. 

    We offer you a wide range of different styles of electric fireplaces.  Insert electric fireplace, portable electric fires, classic electric fires, electric stove suites with a mantel. Get your favorite electric fireplace here.

    Almost no need to install, just put it into your room and plug in your brand-new electric fireplace to enjoy the glow and warmth of a realistic fire. Thanks to the new technology Led  displays, electric fires looks much like a real fire very impressive flame effect.

    Modern electric fireplace freestanding is among the favorite home decorators.

Why should one chose an electric fireplace heater?

     Electric fireplaces are outstanding because of its portability, convenience, and low initial cost. As a home decorator, a freestanding stove stand alone in the room. Same as other portable electric heaters, electric fireplaces can radiate heat very fast and can be shut down quickly in the night. 

    If you choose a stand alone electric fireplace stove, it will also be easier to install. 

How to install an electric fireplace freestanding?

The first thing you need to do before you install an electric freestanding fireplace with mantel. Measure your room. Make sure the fireplace is really suitable and there is a place where it has enough clearance around it.

Next,Make sure there is a power outlet. Never use a extension lead for an electric fireplace. So make sure you have a place to plug in the fireplace.

Now you can put your fireplace stove in the right place. You don't need to pin anything to the wall or make any changes to your home.  You only need to plug the heater directly into the socket.

Electric freestanding fireplace clearance

When install an electric fireplace indoor, you need to leave enough clearance around it. Make sure it is certainly safe to use after installation. You should also make sure that nothing near the fireplace could fall down and hit he fireplace.

If your space is limited, it's a good idea to install an insert fireplace. You should make sure nothing standing in front of the fireplace . Be sure there is a clearance of about 3 to 6 feet. To prevent anything from the risk of catching fire.

Keep in mind that there should also be enough clearance above the fireplace. You can place a vase above it. But just keep liquids and drinks away. Like other electric appliances, these electric heaters are not designed to be waterproof.

Heating capacity of a free-standing electric heater

    This freestanding electric stove looks great in any room. Crafted from hardwood and engineered wood , this fireplace was built to look good, as well as last. The firebox is made of wood, glass and resin. In addition to a living room or bedroom, try placing this fireplace in a home office. It supplies supplemental heat up to 400 feet.

Best free-standing fireplace electric  reviews

Freestanding electric stove with mantel

    This electric fireplace mantel suite can be easily installed. Regardless of your choice and characteristics of energy-saving LED design, making it beautiful and economical. The fireplace can or does not have operating heat so you can enjoy the whole year's fire. So even if you don't want warmth. You can still enjoy any stress relief from sitting by the fire. Together with a cup of hot cocoa or spiced hot wine.

Freestanding electric stove 

    You can use this fireplace stove anywhere with plugs. It works with a 110 volt plug and does not burn the fuse every time you operate. Installing it is a piece of cake. All the installation hardware is included. So you don't need to go to any additional hardware store.

Freestanding electric heaters

    With two thermal settings, it is ideal for heating rooms up to 400 sq ft in size. Because of its unique design, it can be embedded in a smooth and low-key appearance or simply placed in the mantle with a small amount of effort to install without leaving anything worse. You can even hang it on the wall like an oil painting. We especially like the quotation of the side lamp when the warm glow enters the room.

    It remote control two heat settings and the opening or closing of the flickering flames. There are decorative crystals in the fireplace, which make the flame effect look more real and can ignite the flame without heating, so you can enjoy the whole year's brightness. Heat ventilation from the top of the fireplace requires a 3.28-foot safety clearance; for the most common location, it is very reasonable.

Freestanding TV stand suite

There are two colors white and brown to choose from, which are suitable for almost any home decoration. You can also choose whether to use artificial wood or crystal. You can change your mood because both materials are included. no extra purchase is required. It can be reinstalled in a sleek, low-key design, or simply hung directly on the wall, just like any other decoration.

But this is not any other ornament, even though it looks gorgeous. It's also suitable for rooms with a heating area of 400 square feet, which can be controlled by pressing a button; even from your bed. You can control the 3d dancing flames or heating function, and you don't even need to worry about your own exhaust; just make sure there is an appropriate gap in the top radiator.

free standing fireplace for sale

What people often ask about an electric fireplace free-standing

Where is the best place to install an electric fireplace in your house?

The fireplace can be installed in any room in your home, depending on your space, preferences and options. You can hang them on the wall. They work best in the room where you spend the most time. At the same time, if you need to heat in another room and your existing heat source cannot reach, an electric fireplace will do. Because these fireplaces don't generate as much heat as other types of fireplaces, it's great to use them in small rooms where large fireplaces can't be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Is the electric fireplace hot?

The electric fireplace stand alone can be well heated, although the heat depends on the size of the room and the heat generated by the BTU fireplace. Some of them can produce 4000-5000 btu, while others are lower, about 2500-5000 btu. These can affect the degree of heat in the room, or how much heat there is.

Electric fireplaces are really hot, but they are mainly for regional heating, not for the whole house, so keep this in mind when making choices.

How many square feet can an electric fireplace heat?

How many square feet an electric fireplace can heat also depends on the amount of BTU produced by the device. Different models produce different numbers. On average, an electric fireplace free-standing should be able to heat at least 300 square feet (454 square meters), but some fireplaces are even warmer. If you have a medium-sized bedroom or living room with an area of about 600 square feet, a 4000-5000 BTUs fireplace should do the job well. So, be sure to check when buying a specific type of BTUs, and you should be able to estimate the area it can heat.

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