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How To Build a Fireplace surround With an Electric Insert

Views:  Update Date: Jul 04,2020

    Today’s topic, how to build a fireplace surround with an electric insert? electric fireplace is such a great way to provide warmth and coziness to your room. Yes buddies, I’m discussing steps to make an imitation fire having a DIY mantel using an electric fireplace insert that actually works without or with heat.


1. Picking out a place for your electric fireplace.

    You'll need an electric plug located within your DIY hearth frame. You’ll should also cut a piece of the baseboard out so that your DIY fireplace will mount flush towards the wall. Important too is the fact that aesthetically, you’ll wish to pick a location where your electric fireplace could be a focus inside your room.

2. How to pick an electric fireplace insert.

    Electric fireplace inserts come in a number of sizes from about 23″ as much as 50″ wide. Choose a size which will scale well inside your room and fit the DIY hearth surround you’re building. Most mid-range electric hearth inserts are Brought lit, rc and provide a flame only and flame as well as heat setting. Make sure to check all of the features before selecting one. I fell deeply in love with one type of electric hearth insert and merely before I purchased it, I just read it forecasted heat and flame settings around the hearth glass if this was switched on 100% of times. How distracting, ugh!

3.How to wire an electric stove insert?

Electric fireplace inserts just have an ordinary household electrical socket to operate. What you will have to do is have your electrical socket located within your faux fireplace frame. I'd an electrical contractor add an additional plug on your wall where I had been building my DIY hearth. Allow me to assist you to avoid an error in your faux electric hearth. If you are adding a power outlet, make certain it’s located toward the middle and from the fringe of your frame. Mine wasn’t within the frame area enough and I needed to nick out a part of my frame to suit the hearth electrical plug in to the outlet.

So now we have been prepared for that, are you guys ready? It's time to build our own DIY style fireplace surround.

First step: Build the hearth base.

Second Step:  Build the Hearth Frame.

Third Step: Cover the hearth base with plywood.

Fourth Step: Attach the surround frame towards the plywood covered base and wall.

Fifth Step: Cover the hearth frame with plywood.

Sixth Step: Add some hearth mantle or top.

Step Seven:  Use wood filler to complete seams.

Step Eight: Sand, prime and paint the hearth surround.

Step Nine: Add preprimed Woodgrain trim.

Step 10: Caulk and paint

                                                                                           Edited by lynne

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