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Concept and characteristic of electric fireplace? How's its charateristic?

Views:  Update Date: Jun 20,2020

What is an electric fireplace?

As a new type of heating method, electric fireplaces have begun to gradually spread in life, but due to cultural differences and other influences, many Chinese people do not know much about fireplaces. Speaking of the fireplace, we have to talk about the most original fireplace. It has been traced back to the time when people just moved into the cave and used the "fire pit" to pick up, warm and barbecue food. This is the "formation" of the fireplace. Later, people Construction is required and the fireplace becomes a dedicated heating device. Formally speaking, the fireplace is made up of a traditional wood burning fireplace, a gas fireplace, a charcoal fireplace, etc., which in turn leads to a new category: the Fireplace Craftsman Electric Fireplace.

The principle of the Fireplace Craftsman electric fireplace is to quote the European classical fireplace production process and modern acoustic optics, which has greatly improved the traditional fireplace, and created a green and more flaming wood burning effect without losing the elegance.

Because the manufacturing technology of electric heaters has matured, and the demand for consumers is convenient, fashionable and beautiful, the style is also endless. Many electric heaters are not only similar in appearance, but also have different heating principles, so it is difficult to distinguish the type of heater from the appearance. The heaters that use the heating wire heating element as the heating material are mainly seen on the market and have more conventional electric heating. The heating element is a heating wire, and the heat generated by the heating wire is blown out by a fan. Then there is the new product on the market: it looks like a fan shape, which is heated by the heating wire wrapped around the insulating seat, and uses the reflecting surface to spread the heat energy to the room. Like the electric fan, this heater can automatically rotate the angle to heat the entire room, suitable for use in small rooms below 8 square meters. However, these electric heaters have great safety hazards due to the high temperature of the surface and the radiation problem caused by the heating of the heating wire. At the same time, the heating effect is also very limited by the space size, and the heating effect can not be said to be satisfactory.


The Fireplace Craftsman Electric Fireplace inherits the beautiful appearance and heating effect of the traditional fireplace. The transformation is the way of heating - from fuel combustion to heating and heating, eliminating the disadvantages of old fireplace emissions and pollution. At the same time, compared with other electric heaters, the Aaron electric fireplace has no high temperature on the surface, and the whole house is evenly heated, and there is no safety hazard, so it is more reliable to use.

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