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Is it safe to use an electric fireplace?

Views:  Update Date: Jun 28,2019

With the improvement of people's economic ability, the requirement of living environment is also rising. Villas with good environment have become the first choice for many people to live in. Villa decoration is more extensive. The fireplace is a popular design. But some people have questioned the safety of the villa fireplace. So, is the fireplace safe? 

Is the electric fireplace safe?

1. The fireplace originated from American decoration, and has gained a large number of fans in China, and the home design of fireplace has also gained a lot of praise in China. Among them, real fireplace, wood fireplace and electronic fireplace are the most common. The safety of these three fireplaces has also been certified by relevant inspection organizations.

2. Take the real fireplace for example, with the support of science and technology today, it has a very high security. It does not cause indoor hypoxia, and all the carbon monoxide produced by combustion is discharged outdoors. In addition, our living space is not completely closed and fresh air will enter, while the real fireplace can promote the automatic circulation of indoor air, there will be no lack of oxygen.

3. The burning of wood fireplace is completed internally, and the waste and some particles will be discharged outdoors, so it will not cause any harm to human body. Heating can be said to be very excellent, whether it is complete combustion or incomplete combustion, the furnace temperature will be higher than the outside, the insulation effect is far better than the indoor vertical air conditioning.

4. Electronic fireplace is the crystallization of current science and technology. It can be heated by electricity on the basis of maintaining the appearance of fireplace, which is acceptable to many friends who are sensitive to fire sources. The cost of the electric fireplace is relatively small, so it can use electricity.

2. Instructions for the Use of Fireplaces

If you use a real fire fireplace and have children in your home, be sure to look after the children and avoid the mice coming near. And the fireplace should be checked once a year to avoid leaving inflammable materials. When using, do not pour cardboard and garbage into it. At the top of the chimney, remember to install screens and lightning rods.

Summary of the article: The above is all about fireplace safety and fireplace types. It's not a new thing that fireplace is stationed in Chinese families. It's very strong in winter heating, coupled with scientific design, security is also guaranteed. But when we use it, we should be cautious, standardize the operation and make sure that the manual is used correctly.

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