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Frequent ask questions and answer of electric fireplace

Views:  Update Date: Jul 08,2019

Q: Is there radiation in the hearth of the electric fireplace? Is it harmful to the health?

Answer: The fireplace flame is produced by rotating motor and projection of light bulb; heating is heated by infrared quartz tube with electric heating wire. The principle is similar to hair dryer, so don't worry, there is no radiation.

Question: Can a simulated electric fireplace (electronic fireplace) have only flame? Can the simulated thermal fireplace only have decorative effect?

Answer: Yes, some electric fireplaces don't have heating function. Even if the electric fireplace with heating starts, there will only be flame, so heating needs to press another switch.

Question: Can the simulated thermal fireplace (pseudo-fireplace) emit heat? Can the simulated fireplace generate heat?

Answer: Most electric fireplaces have heating function (also pure decorative electric fireplaces). Simulated electric fireplaces are heated by electric heating wire or infrared quartz tube, which can be used for small area heating. When the electric fireplace is turned on, there is only flame, and the heating needs to be switched on and off separately.

Q: Will the electric fireplace burn behind the wall?

Answer: When simulating the heating function of the electric fireplace, the fan sucks cold air from the back of the hearth and blows out from the front of the hearth after heating by the electric heating wire. The heating principle is similar to that of the electric hair dryer, so the back or side of the electric fireplace is not hot.

Q: Electricity consumption of electric fireplace? Does the simulation of fireplace power consumption? Electric fireplace power?

Answer: The simulated electric fireplace only has decorative effect when it is turned on. The flame effect is formed by projection of LED lamp. The power per meter is about 12W. With the consumption of motor, it is only about 16W. Therefore, the power consumption is extremely low and can be neglected in the aspect of household electricity consumption. After opening the heating function, the temperature can be adjusted in different grades. Yanshan red electric fireplace can be divided into several models with different specifications and different power sizes. The general power is about 700W-2000W, which has great advantages over many heaters on the market.

Q: Is it okay to hang the TV over the fireplace?

Answer: Yes, when the simulated electric fireplace is heated, the hot air only blows out from the front. There is not much heat above the fireplace, which will not affect the use of the TV set. Some hearth cores are specially designed for TV cabinets.

Q: How to determine the size of the electric fireplace?

Answer: Many products of simulated electric fireplace are equipped with fireplace rack. Customers only need to choose their favorite style to use it immediately. If customers want to make their own hearth, it is recommended that the size of hearth core be selected before making hearth, so that the size of hearth core can be opened when making hearth. If the hearth has been built and the proper size of the hearth can not be found, the electric hearth can also be customized.


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