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electric fireplace suits
electric fireplaces suites
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electric fireplace suites
electric fireplace suits
electric fireplaces suites
electric fireplace canada
electric fireplace canadian tire

Corner electric fireplace inserts

Model: 342

The decorative frame of the corner electric fireplace inserts and the side and central details of the panel bring a clean and classic appearance to the whole fireplace. Only in this way can the characteristics of the foundation be highlighted: line forming....

Heater Price:$250.00     Decoration Price:$191.00      Reg. $325.00



Products Details

corner electric fireplace inserts detail description:

corner electric fireplace inserts with Mantel Product Description  (included  purchase):

Our factory's free-flowing design style white line fireplace brings classical style, Europe and the United States into modern, beautiful fireplace with simulated logs and embers bed gives people a real feeling. At present, we adopt solid wood exquisite craftsmanship. Completed in classic white, the whole fireplace will certainly illuminate any living space in the room. For the beauty of the whole room, we can re-adjust the furniture placement in any room by adding a wall grate to the center. Transitional fireplaces are characterized by sunken side panel fireplaces and central panel fireplaces, with a beautiful, refreshing top and a solid hearth base. With solid wood as the frame, the elegant fireplace will enhance the perfect atmosphere of each room. The mantelpiece is equipped with a fireplace core insert. Simple and convenient assembly, only a cross screwdriver tool can complete the installation of fireplace.

corner electric fireplace inserts Product Description (included purchase):

In order to add an attractive and warm atmosphere to your home, the corner electric fireplace inserts tool inserts the hearth into the mantelpiece or mantelpiece TV. Fireplace heating helps to maintain the natural temperature and humidity in the air, so that the air can generate comfortable, humid heat in a non-dry room. Our fireplace can provide up to 100 square feet of heating aids, while showing amazing simulation of the flame effect, the electric fireplace will create a warm, soft, beautiful environment. Our patented 3D flame effect technology also provides a layered flame effect to create a truly real fireplace flame experience. Customizable fireplace flame effect technology provides seven ideal flames that can be displayed on simulated logs and ashes. Seven flame speed settings allow you to quickly adjust the flame from bottom to twinkle, softening the flame, while seven adjustable brightness settings also allow you to choose a beautiful flame. Flame effect colors include sapphire, bonfire, amethyst, midnight fire and intelligent automatic circulation. Fireplace flame effect can be used with hot air, can not be heated, enjoy the whole year. Settings can be easily changed using PCB boards or remote controls on the device. There is no need to worry about using our fireplace because it is equipped with our proprietary fire protection technology. Including continuous monitoring of plug temperature, in the event of overheating, it will automatically close. Our fire protection technology will promptly remind you when the heater is blocked to prevent damage and will automatically shut down.

corner electric fireplace inserts Dimensions:

corner electric fireplace inserts Dimension: 1200*330*1020mm

Fireplace Insert core Dimensions: 760*180*630

corner electric fireplace inserts and mantelpiece information:

Fireplace Craftsman corner electric fireplace inserts Bracket, White
Simple assembly with cross screwdriver. Please refer to the user manual and installation instructions.
The top of the fireplace is characterized by a modern shape and an inclined panel.

Protruding fireplace base and formation of bullnose edge

Characteristics of corner electric fireplace inserts products:

corner electric fireplace inserts fittings with Safer Sensor 
Our 3D flame effect technology provides a layered simulation of the flame effect, which can create a simulation flame with seven adjustable brightness and speed settings.
The fireplace heater helps to maintain the natural temperature and humidity in the air. It can produce comfortable, moist human heat without drying the indoor air.
5400 BTU provides up to 100 square feet of heating zone
Fireplace product patented Safer Plug has fire protection technology to monitor plug temperature, it can prevent electrical circuit, product damage, fire.
In order to provide a year-round mild rolling fireplace flame environment, the fireplace flame effect can be operated with or without heating.
Traditional logs and ash beds can be seen on the front panel of tempered glass in the fireplace.
Lasting Energy Saving LED Technology for Infrared Quartz Heating Elements and Fireplace
Use fireplaces to keep children and pets safe
The fireplace is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It will not emit any toxic gases or exhaust gases.
Electronic timer function of fireplace: It can automatically close at regular intervals, minimum 30 minutes maximum 9 hours
The remote control includes two AAA batteries, which are convenient for human operation.
Fireplace has a one-year limited warranty
CSA Safety Certification of Fireplace

The fireplace power plug is compatible with the LED lamp power supply on the fireplace shelf.

corner electric fireplace inserts Overview:

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