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electric fireplace stove
electric fireplace in canada
electric fireplace insert heat
electric fireplace stove
electric fireplaces at canadian tire
electric fireplace stove
electric fireplace in canada
electric fireplace insert heat
electric fireplace stove
electric fireplaces at canadian tire

Electric fireplace stove

Model: 343

 If you're thinking of personalizing your electric fireplace stove decor, Knowing these four points, you don't have to listen to sales hoaxes when buying best electric fireplace insert heater....

Heater Price:$253.00     Decoration Price:$195.00      Reg. $290.00


Products Details

What kinds of electric fireplace stove products can be divided into? 

What kinds of electric fireplace stove products can be divided into? What are the specific differences? At present, fireplace products are divided into real fireplace and false fireplace. True fireplace has real flame and excellent heating effect, mainly including gas fireplace, wood fireplace, wood particle fireplace, oil fireplace, coal fireplace and so on. Fake fireplace has electric fireplace, 3D atomization fireplace, etc. It uses simulated wood and flame, and uses electric heating wire with heating function, mostly for ornamental purposes. The gas fireplace is special, because of the real flame and the reason of simulating wood and charcoal bed, it is called "true fire false wood" by the world.

electric fireplace stove Overview:

electric fireplace stove parameter:

Model No. 
size of fireplace
size of package
CBM of package  0.517                               
net weight     43kg                                 
gross weight    47kg                                
1 carton
wood +resin carving+glass+metal
1 year
Rated Power
 750W(Low Heat)/1500W(High Heat)    
Remote Control Options
Bulb Type
 1.Fireplace flame adjustment. 2.Temperature adjustment, thermostatic temperature control  
HS Code 8516292000

PK Air Conditioning for True Fire electric fireplace stove

A. True fire electric fireplace stove has beautiful experience of real fire. It is full of changeability and dynamic. As far as the ornamental effect is concerned, air conditioning is a failure.

B. Balance exists between all things. True fire fireplace uses natural, balanced and healthy way of heating, without Freon, electromagnetic interference, non-dryness, health    and environmental protection. It perfectly reaches the realm of harmony between man and nature with five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth in the home life.

C. The cost of real fireplace is only one third of air conditioning. In the long run, whether it is economical or comfortable, whether it is cost-effective or colourful, the real fireplace has completely exploded air conditioning!

D. The fuel used in real fireplace is natural gas or wood, which are all natural renewable resources. It eliminates the damage to the environment caused by converted electric energy, and the carbon dioxide produced by combustion, which pollutes the environment nearly zero.

What are the specific types of real electric fireplace stove?

A. Coal-fired electric fireplace stove: In Europe and America, coal-fired fireplaces have withdrawn from the stage of history, because their fuel collection and storage are not simple, nor are they closed combustion, easy to form exhaust particles, pollute the environment and endanger health.

B. Wood-burning type: Compared with the traditional brick fireplace, the modern wood-burning fireplace has made remarkable improvements in the aspects of independent combustion chamber, secondary combustion technology and environmentally friendly combustion materials, which can be regarded as a qualitative leap. This type of fireplace has low cost, high thermal energy, environmental protection and cleanliness, and is deeply loved by the owners.

C. Particle type: Particulate matter is made by mixing combustion-supporting agent. This kind of product is a transitional product. It is seldom seen on the market. It needs electricity to operate. It is suitable for use in remote areas where gas is not available.

D. Gas (Natural Gas/Liquefied Gas) type: Artificial gas is not mentioned here because it is not practical, high cost and low thermal energy, and is not suitable for gas fireplace. Natural gas and liquefied gas are different. They are both environmentally friendly and economical combustible gases. At the same time, they are widely used in safety, heat and convenience. Therefore, gas fireplaces have become frequent customers in modern urban apartments and non-independent buildings.

electric fireplace stove remote control

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