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electric fireplaces suites
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electric fireplaces suites
electric fireplaces canada
electric fireplaces direct
electric fireplace realistic flames
electric fireplace heater walmart

Electric fireplaces suites

Model: 344

In order to provide chimney electric fireplaces suites reviews customers with convenient use, energy saving, environmental protection and realistic flame effect. This is the only fireplace brand manufacturer with patent core LED indicator insertion, has a separate electric fireplace, very suitable for your home....

Heater Price:$250.00     Decoration Price:$191.00      Reg. $325.00


electric fireplaces suites Key Features :

1.electric fireplaces suites Realistic flame image, emulation pine wood with fire texture

2.Remote control adjusts thermostat and flames separately

3.Thermostat controlled fan-forced heater

4.Use flame or heat only

5.Electric Fireplace Finished in a beautiful burnished 

6.Materials: solid wood, mdf,polyresin, glass, metal, resin

7.Flame Action Control- Turn the flame action control knob to adjust the flame speed control to the desired level

8.Can be installed in any room that has an electrical outlet.

9.When the chimney free electric fireplace reviews heater opens, the safe tempered glass keeps cool.

10.Use all year round, with heat turned off.No ash to clean up or emulation pine wood to replace

Products Details

electric fireplaces suites reviews detail description:

Our chimney electric fireplaces suites is a simulated flame electronic fireplace. Our hearth core is 30% larger than our standard fire box, achieving incredible authenticity and clarity. The electric fireplace will be the focus of the room, surrounded by a unique fireplace core and a contrasting black fire box. The fireplace features 1500W infrared heating, remote control, timer function, brightness setting, programmable thermostat, and ultra bright LED technology. My fireplace has white and dark colors.

Our factory uses the latest electronic fireplace technology to bring the traditional fireplace to your warm home. Our electric fireplace includes heater, infrared remote control, 6-foot wire and a full arch front with gold logo for any size room!

electric fireplaces suites Overview :

electric fireplaces suites reviews parameter:

Model No. 
size of fireplace
size of package
CBM of package  0.517                               
net weight     45kg                                 
gross weight    49kg                                
1 carton
wood +resin carving+tempture glass+metal
1 year
Rated Power
 750W(Low Heat)/1500W(High Heat)    
Remote Control Options
Bulb Type
HS Code 8516292000

electric fireplaces suites reviews Guarantee:

electric fireplaces suites are committed to providing the best and most personalized customer service. Our factory is a professional chimney free electric fireplace reviews specification and selection expert. Each of our team members is committed to making your experience a positive goal. In order to ensure that your experience is the most perfect, the best, and provide satisfaction and reference. Our factory guarantee, price matching, manufacturer guarantee.


 If you are not satisfied with our chimney free electric fireplace reviews products, you only need to call or email for the return authorization number and take photos. Our factory will     require that the original package be returned to the fireplace. The fireplace is still marketable.


Our factory will provide high quality fireplaces, and the price is very competitive with other authorized sellers. Before you buy a fireplace, our salesmen will patiently match the price to ensure that you get the best price.

Our fireplace products are one of the few authorized manufacturers on the Internet.
Authorization means that our factory has a direct bearing on the price, warranty and service issues of each manufacturer in the industry.

Fireplace craftsmen only operate the most respected fireplace brands in the industry, including clasic, modern, unique, etc.
In addition to providing the most authentic flame, these fireplaces provide the most important assurance, our chimney free electric fireplace reviews
A one-year warranty depends on the manufacturer and the product.

Installation Points and Notices of electric fireplaces suites

 electric fireplaces suites Usually, the installation of chimney free electric fireplace reviews depends entirely on the size and structure of the house itself. At present, our fireplaces generally have two types. One kind of luminous fireplace, without heating function, mainly plays a decorative role, the other is heating fireplace, the main advantage is for those colder countries, for heating, but also plays a decorative role.

Solid wood fireplaces are more common in markets throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other countries. They are easy to install. Installers place the fireplace directly in the reserved position of the room. However, attention should be paid to avoid placing combustibles and burning children around fireplaces when installing fireplaces.

When installing a new chimney free electric fireplace reviews , the best location of the fireplace installation should be determined according to the internal structure of the house. The most suitable installation location is the living room and living room. For example, in European and American cultures, fireplaces are essential furniture for living rooms. Generally speaking, fireplaces have three installation locations: one is installed in the middle of the partition wall, the second is installed in the shade, and the outer wall and the inner wall must be vertical. There's another fireplace near the partition. The third type is installed in the prominent position of the hall. The upper and lower fireplaces are generally symmetrical. According to safety regulations, indoor fireplaces must be prohibited from discharging harmful gases to ensure the elimination of indoor pollution.

1. To achieve maximum thermal efficiency, fireplaces must be installed in the most active rooms. If the interior floor of the room is very high, the fireplace fan can slowly spread heat to the active area.

2. In order to match the fireplace, the electrical socket and junction box of the fireplace should be installed in the convenient connection position before the installation of the fireplace is completed.

Three. Some floors also need insulation. According to different fireplaces, different requirements. Solid wood fireplaces need a very wide base to support the hearth. Flame regulation should also be considered when glass doors of fireplaces are used.

4. Choosing a suitable solid wood base can ask professional help. It is a good choice to use solid wood and steel fireplace. Different styles of fireplaces will have a variety of colors and materials to choose to meet your needs.

5. The chimney free electric fireplace reviews design and construction in our factory need professional knowledge, so as to ensure the safety and efficiency in use.

6.electric fireplaces suites


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